Learn how to leverage the power of virtual live events from the experts who pivoted their company from in-person to virtual in the last 18 months, practically re-inventing an industry in the process— and generating over $300+ million for their clients in less than nine months. 

There has never been a better (or more affordable) time to get off the sidelines and host your first event, or next virtual live event. 

And, it has never been more important to be positioned for success as we navigate the uncertain pivot out of the pandemic (and prepare for the rush back to in person waiting on the other side).




At THE Virtual Event on Virtual Events

We’ll Share What We Learned from 

Producing 62 Virtual Live Events for

Some of the Biggest Influencers in the Industry…

What Our Attendees Say

Once in a lifetime event! I tell everybody who's striving to do virtual events about our experience with Blue and Bari, but I just can't do it justice when describing the experience.
George R. Williams Jr.

2020 was a record-breaking year in the event industry… for people successfully running virtual events.

The event industry was virtually shuttered overnight when the pandemic forced Trump to shut down the country. SAGE was forced to make a quick decision, so we did what we had to do — we pivoted!

Within two weeks, we went from 30+ in person live events to no events, to producing our first virtual live event. That first virtual event exceeded our expectations. In just two weeks we quadrupled attendance, had a global audience for the first time in the client’s four year history with us, generated more gross revenue than ever before, and best of all, had a higher net profit!

Within three weeks we were producing our next virtual live event, which tripled in attendance, and quadrupled in gross profit. The rest as they say, is history. Now, 62 virtual events later, $300+ million in revenue generated, 402k+ attendees served, and tons of lessons later, we have tons of lessons to share and this virtual event on virtual events felt like the perfect way to give back to an industry we love, that has given us so much.

Are You Ready for Your

Purpose Driven Pay Day?

If you live, love and leverage live events,

join us at THE Virtual Event on Virtual Events

You don’t need a big list…

You don’t need a big budget…

You don’t need a big production…

To have a big impact and a big pay day from virtual live events!

Whether your event is for 5, 50, 500, or 5,000+, this immersive, interactive event is designed to help you strategize, virtualize and actualize your own virtual live event. 

YOU can do this!

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Bari started SAGE Event Management, Inc. sixteen years ago in a guest bedroom turned home office. She quickly became known for her “strategy first” approach to designing high impact, high converting events.

From working with Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle to some of the biggest names in the speaker, author and influencer industry — Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Pedro Adeo, Mary Morrissey, Pete Vargas, Lisa Sasevich, Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren and others — she quickly became the go-to resource for her “sales is service” mindset. 

The key to her success is reverse engineering high ticket offers and programs to create purpose driven pay days, without being sales-y, while letting the proven  structure do the selling for you. 

Her selling from the stage strategies have helped her clients double, triple, even quadruple their attendance, create raving fan audiences, and generating 7 (or multi-seven) figure purpose driven pay days.


During Our Time Together We'll Focus on...

  DAY 1  


Strategy First! SAGE’s hallmark approach — we walk you through the very same process we use to design events for our clients (works for events fo 5, 50, 500+):

  • Create your high ticket offer so you can reverse engineer the program design, the experience, and the delivery for your purpose-driven pay day.
  • Design the tech stack that works best for your vision, your experience and your budget. 
  • We'll also DE-MYSTIFY the entire tech stack so that you feel confident doing this all from the comfort of your own home.

This is a roll up your sleeves and get to work kind of day, integrating our Strategy First approach into your very own Event Blueprint.

  DAY 2  


Now that we have the strategy set, we can start to virtualize the event:

  • Learn how to take what you most love about in-person and virtualize it for maximum ROE (return on engagement) and ROI (return on investment).
  • Explore how integrating “fun-ification” can improve stick through the very last hour of the event using simple leaderboard and dashboard strategies.
  • Learn the single most effective approach to filling the room (and where most go wrong)
  • Uncover the single most effective exercise to increase conversion. 
  • Discover the best approach to integrating sponsors, speakers and case studies.

As you fill in your own Virtual Event Blueprint you will see your own live event come into sharper focus.

  DAY 3  


Our last day together is devoted to putting ideas into action. 

  • Learn how to overcome the 5 biggest challenges to closing any sale.
  • Get clear on the 5 step enrollment method that will change your mindset around sales and enrollment forever.
  • Integrate your strategize and virtualize gameplan into the design of your program-at-a-glance (agenda)
  • Map out your timeline with a detailed plan of action.

There’s no stopping you now! Fired Up! Ready to go!

Questions? Shoot us an email at events@poweredbysage.com

Here's a Preview:

  • The simple approach to designing your high-converting high ticket offers (and what even many veteran event hosts get wrong)

  • The “3 x 3 PAG” formula that turns right fit clients into high converting raving fans (it’s likely not what you think it is)

  • The simple strategy for integrating your high ticket offer into your PAG design (without compromising either)

  • The biggest mistake marketers make when filling their live events
  • How to make sure your attendees show up — and stay until the end

  • What matters most during virtual registration (and what you should never do)

  • How to scale your events from 5 to 50 to 500 and beyond (hint: the same formulas and strategies work for events of any size)

  • Ways to pay for your event (and the revenue generating strategies to avoid)

  • How to structure and sell sponsors and have attendees asking for more time with them

  • The tech must-haves and the best way to maximize resources (you don't need a big studio or big budget)

  • The new non-negotiables for dashboards (you don’t have to spend big dollars for big results)

  • Why Day 3 (and the day / week after) are more important than in-person

  • How to get your family and your team excited, inspired and on your side

  • Mapping out a timeline for success


  • Why 2021 will be a blockbuster year for live events, and how you can be ready to lead the event rally

  • How pivoting out of COVID may be harder than pivoting in (but, worth it)

Blue joined Bari at SAGE eleven years ago. With more than 8 years experience running his family’s sales and marketing company, he was the perfect complement to Bari’s sales is service approach — and he added valued expertise in audiovisual and technology.

When the pandemic forced a pivot in March 2020, it was Blue who quickly launched a tech platform to harness the power of Zoom to create immersive, interactive virtual live events that work for 5, 50, 500, or 50,000+.

As the creator of Obvio, the key to his success is approaching every virtual event from the perspective of the Host first, audience second — designing events that are not “just another Zoom meeting’. The key is integrating tech strategy and enrollment strategy. High tech and high touch. 

His unique approach to envisioning how virtual events could outperform their in-person counterparts led to 214 million plus virtual viewer minutes and $300 million in revenue in 2020.

That was such a great event full of great memories! Thank you for the inspiration and the model of how to do this with excellence.
Anne Stark Hummeldorf
Blue & Bari - You have shown me how to 'keep the lights on' during this time of uncertainty, stress and confusion.
Sabrina Teekah
Thank you Bari. Each time I hear your passion and teaching on this topic, my clarity and confidence increases.
Lisa Elliott Duerre
Pulled off our first ever 2 day virtual convention with record attendance, global participation, and record fundraising for our non profit.
Bhuvnesh Khosla
Thank you so much Bari Baumgardner and Blue Melnick, so much valuable information!!
Ina Perry
This conference was one of THE BEST investments ever. - Concetta Green



Host Your First (or Next) Virtual Event and Make 2021 Your Most Profitable Year Ever! 

Using the Bari and Blue pivot.. my mini ZoomZilla raised $60,000 in 20 minutes for Alzheimer respite care. 30 years of professional fundraising and only 10 years as an auctioneer, you guys opened the doors to new prosperity. Eternally grateful.
DeeDee Truesdal Kiesow

I attended the training last year and it lit a fire under me to try out virtual events. I decided to pivot from having to cancel most of my 3-day live events and retreats for 2020 to hosting my very first 3-day virtual event in June 2020. 

Since then, I've hosted 3 virtual 3-day events, served 150 attendees and generated $640,000 in sales.

Rosetta Thurman

OCTOBER 1-3, 2021