Your Obvio Dashboard Build Request Has Been Received!

You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly.
If you haven’t already, please be sure to add help@obv.io to your Obvio Team Members in your Obvio account. Not sure how?

Here are instructions on how to create an Admin Role to your organization, and then add help@obv.io to your team, and then apply the Admin role to that team member.

Create an Admin Role

  1. Click team (top right)
  2. Click Roles
  3. Type a Name (Admin) & Click Add
  4. Check all 5 rule checkboxes for the new Role

Add help@obv.io to Your Team

  1. Click Members
  2. Type email addresses (listed below)
  3. Click Invite
  4. Next to the new user in the table below, select the Admin role from the drop down list.

Talk to you soon!
Team Obvio!

If you have any questions, please email us at LEAP@poweredbysage.com and we’ll be happy to assist!

THE VIRTUAL EVENT on Virtual Events

Step 1: Getting Some Basic Info

We're excited that you've chosen to join us at THE Virtual Event on Virtual Events, May 29-31!  Lets start with the basics...

THE VIRTUAL EVENT on Virtual Events

Step 2: Let's Talk Shipping

We require a shipping address because we will be shipping a SAGE box to your doorstep via FedEx delivery. For this, we ask that you provide a direct mailing address and not a PO Box. Your direct mailing address will ensure the SAGE box is delivered to you safely and on time.

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